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Monday, March 28, 2011

Transferred to Exeter and new Zone Leader

WEEK 72   Tulare, California

Hola everyone,
Alright so to start off I'm alright, I'm not sick anymore.It was kinda funny I got some Ibeprofin (how ever the heck you spell that) and I had some sleep (I felt so apostate not working, I hate staying in) so I slept from 4 till 6:30 and the I got ready and we worked from then on I didn't feel 100%, but I could walk and speak so that's all you really need to go to work. It took about 2 days to get back to 100%,but I got there. Its funny to me how I can see that I have changed, its really weird its like I need to work hard,I have an emotional need for it and I love it alot. I feel so bad when we have to stay in, I know sometimes we need to but it just bothers me alot on the inside. Anyway long story short I'm fine now so you don't have to worry mom but thank you for caring it means alot to have a mom who loves you.
 I printed off some pictures on a CD and I'm sending them next week . I have some really good ones, your going to love them, in total I think I've taken like 1449 pictures something like that. Well mom I am you son and now I hate to admit it but I really love pictures. Plus its more fun the writing in a journal. I'm still not very good at that either...... which makes me dad's son also, haha so its not my fault its in my DNA.
Oh hey you have to tell everyone I say hi and if everyone could write me a letter that would be great. I really want to hear from PAT AND JON AND CHRIS AND HAMISH AND JUSTIN AND EVERYONE. I miss those guys I'm hoping that there not to busy to remember their friend Elder Glowa (ME not Ben).
So yea ummm lets see what else did you write me Oh yea, so the cake business, how's that going? From what I see you are now the cake master. I just thought of something, Dad and me and Ben are the entertainment and your the refreshments. The Glowa are the party.
One more thing before I go into some news you have to tell Chris Gagnon he is a stud. I'm so proud of him, that's the best choice of his life. He has always been mighty in the spirit and he's going to do great things.
In mission news:
We got transfer calls last week and I'm leaving Tulare and I'm headed  15 mins away to a town called Exeter. Its in a different zone so i can't go back to Tulare whenever I want either but the some of the members say they'll come and visit. Oh yea and President called me to be a Zone Leader. So I've switched areas and assignments I'm in Exeter and zone leader of the Visalia Zone. Its going to be weird, I'm nervous and excited. I got the call Saturday at 4:30 president called as we were riding home and we said:
Hello Elder Glowa How are you?
EG: Great president how are you?
PG: good, good I just called to check in to see how you were doing
EG: Alright president (all sorts of confused)
PG: HAHA no I'm just joking
and then President said the words that strike fear into every missionaries heart over the phone.
PG: Elder Glowa do you love the Lord?
EG: Yes, president
PG: are you willing to do what the Lord asks of you, what ever that maybe, even if it may be hard and stretch you?
EG: Yes president
PG: Great that's Great, Elder Glowa I want to call you to be (and then it hit me as I sat there in bewilderment he said) a Zone Leader.
We exchanged some words after that, nothing really big he gave words of encouragement and told me where I was going and that sort of stuff then it was done.
I'm going to miss Tulare we have alot of great members and alot of great people we talk to. I'm going to miss Andrew and Maria alot. Also Nicky and everyone else. The members here where out of this world good with helping us out they are great and I'm  grateful to have worked with them. I love them all alot.
I have to go but I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve and for the love I feel from our heavenly Father everyday. I know this work is true and that God lives, He real cares for us and we can all return to His presence if we do as He commands.
I love you all very much
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Can you tell the Aro family (I don't know it they added you on facebook yet mom) that I say hi and that I love them and miss them alot.

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