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Thursday, February 17, 2011

On my mission I have really understood what it means to put your shoulder to the wheel.


Hola Beautiful Winterlogged Montreal,
This is Elder Jason Glowa reporting from beautiful sunny Tulare California! (sorry mom I just had to let you know that its prefect missionary short sleeve bike weather.) So this week was transfers and I now have my brand new companion Elder Jolley. He is really a great missionary, we are having alot of fun and really working hard.  He is from Texas.... Well actually all over because his dad is in the military but yea, he is a great person and we have alot in common. I can tell this transfer is going to be a good one.
Soo, from you message I read that Hamish is home, first off I want you to tell him that he owes me a letter and punk and second...........What the heck I can't believe it. That means everyone I saw leave is now home. I hate time, it just sucks away until you have none left, that's why I have to make every second count.  I can't believe it, just everytime I think that my best friends are at home it seems really weird to me, just wow, I can't even think right now.
Man I have no idea what's wrong with me today but I cannot think straight, anyway. So mission life is great as always. Oh that reminds me I got a letter for uncle Timmy yesterday. Tell him I say thank you he is awesome. I remember all the stuff we used to do, for some reason I keep remembering the video that  Kam, Alex, Ben, Jon, Cody,Jordan, uncle Timmy and I did. It was about some loser kid trying to be cool, it was awesome. I tell all my companions about it. Ha good times. 
We had the funniest thing happen to us the other day, well two really funny experiences. Alright so the first one was we were in an assisted living place.....(by the way you guys are never going to live there, they are not cool so yea don't worry Ben and I will take care of you guys) So we walk in to see one of the members that we have living there and this old man is just hanging out in his wheelchair and just saying hey over and over again. We didn't think anything of it, until we started walking near him and the pasted him he saw us and piped up saying "hey" alittle louder and so we looked at him and he went. Needless to say it was really weird and we didn't know what to do so we just kept going. It was kinda funny looking back on it but weird when it was happening.
The second experience is we were biking and some guy flagged us down and says "I'm a catholic and I don't need religion" so we start leaving thinking that he was just wanting waste our time. Then he says " I love Brigham Young" and we perked up and he paused and says "university that is...... great basketball team". So we laughed a bit with him then went on our way.
On my mission I have really understood what it means to put your shoulder to the wheel. We have been doing that alot with Church tours and with helping our investigators. Especially Nick and A.J. (They have baptismal dates for the 27th of Feb.) They are doing great the only thing that is holding them back is the same hold up most people have which is coming to church. I have no idea what it is but that is like that hardest thing to get people to do. Anyway they are great kids and are on track for baptism. I'm so excited I have missionary work. I see members sacrifice to help and investigators do all they can to get the truth it really builds my testimony of these things. This church is true there is no doubt because if it wasn't true there would be no way that anyone would sacrifice for it. This is true, I have not given myself to a lie, I know that to be true and I am so grateful that I can testify of the everyday.
Thank you guys so much for everything. I have to get going but I want you to know that I love you all very much. It is because of you mom and dad that I am here and because of your example and willingness to serve that we will live together eternally. Thank you for starting the fire in me, because you started it in me, I can start it in others and we will all be happy someday together forever.
I love you very much and thank you for everything.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Can you send me Kameron's mission address because I need to write him and Thiago! Thanks a million!
Merr still hasn't written me can you ask her what the deal is?

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