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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'M STAYING! But sadly Elder Pipit is leaving he is going up north and I remain as king of the South

Week 66 .... Tulare, Califorina

Hello everyone,

So Ben wrote me and told me he had his first baptism, leave it to Ben to get a baptism in one of the hardest baptizing areas in the world. That kid, I miss him sometimes, its kinda funny because with companions you talk a lot about your home life and your families and by doing that I realize that I have amazing stories. Especially stories with Ben and the guys and I. 

Oh yea Pat came home, that bum he still hasn't written me back.
Oh well I know he is doing awesome, hope he is adjusting well. I still can't believe it, its like yesterday that I saw Jono leaving on his mission, and now Patrick is home from his. Life is going way to fast because its already February. I still can't believe how much time flies its insane I wish I could slow time down, yea that would be cool then I could baptize like I was in the matrix all slow-mo and awesome !!!! LOL!!
Alright well that was really random, I can't believe I still have such random thoughts from time to time. Well it just prove that I'm still me. I've grown up a least a little, if not in waist size then mind and spiritually also. 

All right so we got transfer calls this past Saturday and well.........I'M STAYING! But sadly Elder Pipit is leaving he is going up north and I remain as king of the South.March 10th I'll have been in the south of the mission a whole year. Yea that's right march 10th is when I first went to Lindsay.I've planed to do an exchange with the Lindsay Elders that day. It's an awesome coincidence. So I'm still here in Tulare 2nd ward. I'm still the district leader, my new companion has been out I think like 6 months or something, his name is Elder Jolly.
I'm excited to stay but sad because Elder Pipit is leaving. Oh and something else really crazy, so if you all remember My Elder Illu (the elder I trained) Well he is coming down from Turloc to be in the Tulare first ward. So I'm pretty much going to get to see him all the time and I'm going to get to go on an exchange with him! I'm so excited for that, in fact I get to see him tomorrow!
There is always good and bad with transfers. I have really learned to role with the punches of transfer and get to what's really important,which is that we are all here doing the Lords work. So we have an amazing ward here and are getting a new assistant ward mission leader Brother Lemons. (the man who baptized James.) We are shaping up to have 2 baptisms by the end of the month. My district is doing really well we have seen non stop miracles, as we have done everything that we need to. We are seeing baptisms left right and centre. I have to do a lot of interviews which isn't a bad thing...... it's an awesome thing.
So life is going great I don't know if I told you but it's A.J., Nick and Miguel with the baptismal dates for the end of the month.I'm pretty sure that I've talked about them but if I haven't please tell me so I can give you the info. In short life is good and I'm so grateful to be a missionary. I know that God lives and loves us, this is his church and we are called to be the light in the dark.
Love Elder Jason Glowa
One last thing, just to answer some question I remembered The Blakmores wrote me so please send me there address so I can write them back tell them thank you for me. I write to Ben regularly and so its awesome, I love writing him it's a lot of fun. Yea..... I pretty much don't get mail I like to call the mailbox the box of disappointment because I've been told things will come but they never do. Anyways not complaining just saying. I LOVE YOU ALL ANYWAYS!

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