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Sunday, February 6, 2011


          Week 65 .... Tulare, California

Hey Everyone,

So this is Elder Jason Glowa just checking in from Tulare California. So we just had our last district meeting before transfers. Its hard to believe that on Saturday I find out what is going to happen to me for the next 6 weeks. You think after a year I would be used to this sort of stuff but nope, I still get antsy for transfer calls. I always wonder what's going to happen. I think that our district is pretty much going to stay the same. My district is really awesome, it's a weird one because we are pretty much the only district in the mission with everyone from a different country. I Elder Glowa am from Canada, Elder Pipit my companion is from the Philippines, Elder Oliveira is from Brazil, Elder Nelson is from America(Utah), Elder Rodriguez is from Mexico and Elder Martinez is from El Salvador. So thus we get the INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT!

We saw a great miracle on Sunday and we had a BAPTISM! For a man named James Herrera. He is blackanese (half black, half Japanese) It was a great service not to many people were there but it was a really powerful one. The spirit was there and it was just a great thing. I can't believe the great love and power that comes from the spirit, baptisms are so amazing, I can't begin to describe the great joy and peace that comes from witnessing our brothers and sisters make covenants with God. James is a really great and unique person, he has mild down syndrome but has a strong faith in Christ and desire to follow him.
I'm sorry, I'm really spacey today. Ever since I became a missionary its just a swirl of ideas and impressions and thoughts are always coming to my mind its awesome but kinda hard to maintain focus all the time. Especially in emailing, thats probably why I'm so bad at them because I just can't seem to keep up my train of thought.
Anyways, my area is amazing, we are in the last week of the transfer and I only have 1 more exchange to do this week and then I'm done. Our area has great members that are really fun and love to do missionary work. We can always rely on them to help where they can and we are seeing so many blessings as we move forward. We are now teaching 2 boys in a part member family named Nick and A.J. Miguel. They are awesome. They're really fun to teach and they really want to get baptized. I look at them (they're 11 and 12) and I think of how I was at the age and how I felt about the gospel. Its funny,I don't think I ever really took it seriously at that age but these guys pray and read and they will be coming to church soon enough.
Its been a really great transfer. I have learned alot and am excited to see what will happen next transfer, personally I think I'm going to stay here in Tulare for another 6 weeks. But who knows, what ever happens the Lord is above all and as I trust in Him all will turn out alright.
Well, my time is running out I'm glad that you (my parents) are still amazing and funny like I remember you guys. From the pictures I remember all the fun times we had especially the ones of Courtney and Bunny. I remember how much we made that dog suffer. Throwing her in the snow and in the pool LOL!!  I remember all the joke and laughs and the hard and sad time also (I don't really remember to many of those ) But they are all there and I am grateful for you my parents for all you love and laughs and sacrifices and steadfastness in the Lord. I love you all as well as my family ward back home. Tell everyone I say hi when you go and bare your testimonies this Sunday, tell them I love and miss them and that I wouldn't be who I am without them. To all who read my blog who ever you are I want you to know that you are loved and that you have played a great big part in my life.
I love you all and thank you for everything
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Oh one last note I was talking to Elder Hawes one of my zone leaders and he opened an area called Groveland. It's basically like the sequoia area. As we were talk I though about my beloved Sequoia area and how amazing it would be to be able to serve there just in that area and open it before I leave. I think that would be super fun. Even though it probably won't happen the idea still rocks! GO SEQUOIAS!

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