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Friday, July 2, 2010

Mom and Dad get chastised by Elder Glowa.This is the letter were Jason Chastised Jay and I for asking him to many questions and asking him why he's always rushed in is letters. It's really funny because at first he's really mad and then by the end of the letter in true Jason style ,it's all O.K. My little bear can't stay mad for more than 30 mins at a time , I love that boy !!!!

         WEEK 38 .... From COALINGA , CALIFORINA

Como estas mis Padres
Alright so I got your list of Demands dad and let me tell you the only thing that was missing was, " We have your family deliver all this to 123 fake street at 5:00 p.m. or they're going to get it!"
I mean come on first off the reason I rush or sound like I'm rushed is because my mission president has asked that we write him our weekly report via the internet now so that takes up time, that and reading your emails. I"m not taking the time to write to anyone else. You don't need to chastise me I get that enough as a missionary for the world around me. I Know I'm only support to write and care about you guys and Ben and I do ,I  just don't have time for everything. I understand you want to know how and what I'm doing and I'll be better at that, I'm sorry for not being better at that. So I'll be more detailed in my writing but I'm not going into every hour of everyday because I just don't have time for all of that.
The picture thing well I found out the reason that you only got about a third of my pictures is because the discs didn't finish so I only sent the first pictures that I had taken. I'm sending more soon I just have to get to the post office next week to send it that you'll have my pictures. I haven't taken alot of pictures only about 520 or so. It's because I just don't have time. I'm called to do one thing, to baptize, and to get the job done for my brothers and sisters I am all ways on the move and at night now with all the work I'm lucky if I can even look at my journal let alone write in it.
Ok now that that's out of the way, sorry about all that, just alot on my plate right now. And dad I know you know better then anyone the stress and things I'm going through because you've been here. The true fact is that being a missionary is the hardest thing in the world, but I wouldn't want to be anything else. I'm constantly at my wits end and fighting an uphill battle but it's for my brothers and sisters so I am so happy and glad to press on. I know that I'm grow though and I'm so glad that diligence is coming more and more but nature.
It's tuff with the heat getting hotter and begin on bikes but it is what it is. This week was really amazing, we were able to teach the Ramírez family , and are getting them to come to a baptism this  weekend, he is totally on board but holds back because his wife is not 100%  ready, so unfortunately we may end up pushing off the date till later in July. Not everything goes according to plan all the time. We have been going out on a lot more team ups and are really able to rally the members together now. It's really great, Brother Manning is one of my favourite members he is awesome, it's that family that recently got sealed and he is the Bomb, always willing to help and is just an all around great person. I'm sorry I can't keep writing about specific members they are all amazing and are helping us out alot. Like Brother Elliot always is up for a team up and is really missionary minded and just a great person to be around. All the members here are amazing and ready and I just can't write about all of them.
Umm oh we had zone conference on Thursday and well needless to say it was great and inspiring we got trained on the power and importance of prayer. And I got to see some of the other missionaries I've served with and are great friends with, like Elder Kaczmar and Elder Wood. They are amazing and we were able to have alot of fun seeing each other and just seeing how we have grown. We were able to get in some great church tours this week, one with a recent converts sister and the other one was a great miracle. During planing on Friday we got a call asking for one of the church movies and so we met the person who had called us for the movie and she had goten the number for a commercial and wanted to see the movie, so we invited her on a tour and she agreed. She did not commit to baptism but still wants to learn more. My favourite miracle from last week happened yesterday though, we were setting up an appointment with one of our investigators who just came back from youth conference and said after we set the appointment. "Oh yea by the way I want to get baptized." So we set a date for the 4th of July! It's amazing to see the power that comes for youth activities and other members of the church. Yea so in a nut shell that was my fantabulous week.
To answer your question mom , the pictures are coming so don't worry, there on there way at the latest by next week. Oh dad for your friend I would say to get the missionaries to teach her in our home, call her ask her how things are going and then when you see where she is at with her learning and understanding of the gospel invite her to learn more from the missionaries. I know that it maybe hard but its the best thing you can do for her. I only have 3 minutes so I'm going to wrap up and say thank you for the emails this week and don't worry about being busy believe me I understand how that feels. Thanks for everything!
Love Elder Jason Glowa
Congrats To you Merr for Graduating Seminary
 and congrats Ty on the Mission to Japan!

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