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Monday, July 19, 2010

Another transfer and some pictures !!!

                      WEEK 40 ..... COALINGA , CALIFORNIA

Hey mom and dad and who ever else is reading,
Ok so this week we have seen some trials as we have had some set backs and some of our investigators have needed to be dropped and others have just gone through and are going through some big trials. I find comfort alot in the words of Nephi and Jacob. How they felt pain for their people but they knew what they had to do. Even though they had to use boldness they had to speak the truth. I find myself feeling a lot like that . It pains me to use boldness sometimes but I know that at times that is what the Lord will require.
We have been pushing forward in faith and sacrificing to the the Lord so that we can gain the strength that we need as well as our investigators. I know that this is true because as we have been diligent this week in doing all we can do, we have been able to find people who really want to hear the gospel.
One person we where able to meet on Friday was Franky. We had been running around in the heat all day and had not seen many lessons all day, but we were persist in talking to everyone and doing what we needed to. Even though it was hard and it was very hot outside we pressed forward. We got to 8:40 at night and had only taught 2 lessons ,one of them being to a member after dinner. So we had worked all day manly outside and seeing really nothing for it, Then as we met to 2 ladies and we asked them if they would like to hear a message of Jesus Christ. One said yes but later,then went away and the other said she wasn't interested but her son would. So she brought out her son and his friend. That is where we met Angel and Franky. We taught them about the restoration of the gospel and they want to know how they can know there is a prophet today. It was amazing. Unfortunately Franky who is the more interested out of the two is gone for the next to weeks, but what really got us was he said "well I'm going to have a lot of time on my vacation ,do you think I could have a copy of the Book of Mormon?". So of course we said yes and I know that the Lord has been blessing us so much in our finds, as we have been obedient in keeping his commandments.
Also we met Juan who was basically the same story except on Thursday. We talked with him and he has just goten out of prison and wants God in his life. We have taught him twice so far and he wants to go on a church tour with us on Saturday. This is great and I'm so happy for all the miracles that we have been able to see. And just when all is working great and blessings are on the way we get transfer calls.
Never fails, we always get calls when everything is starting to skyrocket. So Elder Eagar and I are splitting up and I'm headed off to a town called Reedley. To be companions with Elder Christensen. I met him early in my mission when I was in Lindsay and we actually went on an exchange together. So I'm excited to work with someone that I know. I'm sad to leave and especially only after 6 weeks here. But I know that I have seen a lot of blessings and have been able to help some what. A lot of the members want to call president Gonzalez and make him change his mind. But it's not his mind but the Lords, I know that were I'm headed to next is where they need me most in the mission, and I am excited to see great miracles there.
The really sad thing though is that Jessie and her brother Geronimo get baptized next weekend. So I just barely miss their baptism but I know that it doesn't matter if I'm there but that happens is what is important. I"m sad I wont see it but I have been promise pictures  so I'm excited for that.
Thank for the email this week and for all the love and support, if you can't get to writing an email to me one week don't worry about it I understand the stress that comes with life. Just keep on, keeping on. I know that this work is true and that with the Lord all is possible. We must always expect trails because that is how we get stronger. I love you all very much.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
I sent 4 pictures to make up for the weeks that I haven't so the first is me and Elder Eagar at the temple, the next two are me with the Manning's ferret (figured out I want one when I get home by the way, they are mega cool and when he's on my shoulder it makes me feel cool( And the last on is the coolest investigator ever his name is big mike and we got to be really good friends.

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