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Monday, November 30, 2009

WEEK 7 -NOVEMBER 30th 2009

Hola Familia!

Hey everyone, how goes life? I'm doing great all is well I can eat normally again and its awesome, and yes mom I ate pie and yes It was as awesome as I remember pie being. Thank you for hanging out with Brigitte and from what I heard you had a great time. Thanks for the comments on New moon I love dad's the best and I think its true.
Ummmm this week has gone by so fast it was awesome. On Tuesday Elder Dallin H Oaks talked to us and blew us away! then on thanksgiving guess who showed up...... That's right mister Book of Mormon himself Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. And then we did some fun service project, making first aid kits and thanksgiving dinner was assume. Thanksgiving was so fun, I am actually enjoying my time here in the MTC. Ok so you want to know about my days , I'm sending you a letter with pictures and one of them is the schedule I have had for the last 7 weeks of my life. Its crazy to think that this time in 2 weeks I will be getting ready to leave for FRESNO!!!!!! I can't wait its gonna be awesome I can finally start talking to people who don't know what I'm going to say next with the lessons.

Oh and dad I know I'm focused on the work but......... I WILL ALWAYS LOVE FOOTBALL AND SWEET-BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ALS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell Ben C that I'm proud of him and that I wish I could be there to see them come home and also for the grey cup parade. But life goes on.
Anyway so back to matters of the spirit. I learned the coolest thing this week, well I knew it but I never thought of it this way. John 16:33 where Christ says be of good cheer for I have over come the world. So basically I realized we win, period that's it Christ says it right there good guys win, so Satan can eat it. It's sad because he can't do anything about it I mean like come back to the fold. But he made his choice and now he will lose the big one. So my message this week is the greatest thing I can think of which is good guys win bad guys lose and the church is the only way to fight for God is to come to the Church of Christ.
To close to day I'm going to say my new favourite sentence "Jesus Christ, Our Master" I just love the truth and simplicity of that sentence. Its amazing and true :D

Elder Jason Glowa

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