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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm finally updating Jason's blog , Jason had his Gallbladder removed on November 16th. He is doing very well and in fact is back to normal . Here are his last three email. We keep it quit because we didn't want his grand-mother to worry.

Week 4 - November 9th 2009
Hola Everyone

Thank for all the love :D. Mom it was great to hear from you today not only in the email but in the call. I'm glad that you had that advice for me. So like dad has said my favourite Scripture is 2 Timothy 1:7. Ummm not to much went on this week the days kinda run together and the MTC is getting repetitive, so to switch it up I'm having surgery on Monday :P Ain't I a stinker. I'm having a great time though I'm learning everyday and I'm so glad that I'm here it's amazing the spirit and power that is within the MTC I love this place.
Ummmm to answer your question dad they don't let us play ultimate Frisbee anymore because points=contention apparently. I think it's dumb but you know some stupid elder did something dumb and now we all suffer. I play more volleyball, and we are starting to play more kickball.
Ummm as for growing this week lets see..... Oh I'm finally starting to grasp the atonement, I mean I always knew what it was but you know you just have thoughts moments when your like...... OOOOOHHHHHHH now I get it. Anyway John 10:17-18 is my favourite example of the truth of the Saviour :D it's awesome. Mom I want you to do something for me, have the missionaries start teaching Vovo, I want him to be with us for ever and I have dedicated my life for 2 years for the Lord and because of this I have promised him this diligence and I know, I know without a doubt that Vovo will be baptized before his death . I know this mom so please try your hardest because I want to see him with me in the celestial room when I come back. If it doesn't happen now then I'm gonna teach him with I get back and with the combine strength of me and Ben we will bring Vovo to that celestial room.
And Dad , Uncle Mike is going to come back to.(not Utah Mike) I know this .He will come back and be will understand that he needs this. Never give up, that is the message I want to leave this week, if we give up Satan has won and I know he is not getting me, and with every fibre of my being he is not getting my family, I promise you right now with all the strength and power I have as a missionary of God that we will all be together in the celestial kingdom, Satan will not win, not against us. I love you all so much and thank you for bringing me up the right way in the gospel. You have no idea how much I love you for this, and because you have chosen to raise me right not only you are blessed but the people of Fresno are able to be blessed 2. So they thank you and I thank you.

That's all for this week
I love you all
Elder Jason Glowa

p.s. I will know my surgery time on Friday so there going to let me call you. If no ones home I'll call dad.

p.p.s. Never give up that is the only way to win.

p.p.p.s. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Week 5- November 16th 2009
How is everything? I'm doing all right there keeping me in a room in the clinic during the day and at night I'm aloud to roam free with my companion. I feel fine other then the cuts in me but this pain killer is awesome I really am not hurting to much other then when I change position in sitting or walking or lying down. So that's the jest of it for me now I sleep most of the day but tomorrow I'm going to try and study a bit then I'm gonna try and get back to class on Thursday.
Sorry I couldn't e-mail yesterday with me going in for surgery and all I really had no time to write. Not gonna lie, waking up after going under sux hardcore. Please do not, I repeat DO NOT send me food for the next little while. I'm surviving on bread and crackers and Gatorade and water and some pudding from time to time. It's all right, feels like I'm dieting I actually dieting inside just a tad. But the church is true and the work press forward. I cant wait till I can go back to class and get back into the mission routine again. I thank you and everyone for there prayers they really helped me through this. All is well, life goes on, the pain may be here but it will soon leave and all this will become a memory. A piece of my past that will add to the missionary I am becoming. I am really grateful for the experience even though I have pain I know this is but for a short time. nothing can hurt me because all I need to remember is 2 Nephi 33:10-11. This is one of the most important things that I have ever read, I love it and love all of you.

Ill talk to you next week
Love you! <3
Elder Jason Glowa

Week 6 - November 26th 2009
Hola All!!!

Hey so thanks for telling me about new moon.............not. LOL! Dad not gonna lie I read your email part of new moon to all my friends and we all laughed hardcore. And the best was everyone said that now they understand were I get my well......... persona of funny... I'm sry I can't "english" that great anymore.LOL !
So this week was my first week without a galbladder and the first 3 days I spent resting in the sick bay at the clinic we have here in the MTC. But now I'm back in class with no pain meds, eating whatever my heart desires. I'm pretty much 100% again and I know that it is because of God and that he loves me and because I have work to do. I had the opportunity this week to watch an MTC fireside talk given by none other then my favourite General Authority President Uchtdorf! It was awsome. D&C 90:11 was our scripture it is so amazing he bore a super powerful testimony on Preach my Gospel and on that Scripture.
I'm having a blast I'm so bless to be able to hear about modern men of God and the true power they have. My favorite line that he said is that Satan will have no power over you if you build your testimony :D. Thats awsome all I have to say is I'm so happy that every step closer to my Heavenly Father is another kick in satans face. I love being able to do so much good for such a great cause. I love this work so much it fills me with a joy that I hope will last through out eternity.

This gospel is such a blessing, I'm so happy all the time and my friends say that I' am a really great example to them.
When ever we are broken God will fix us. I know this is true. We just have to keep pressing forward, because of the potential we have. Satan will try everything to stop God's army, but he will not in D&C 88:110-116. That is our destiny... our potential and I know that I will be there and you all will be there and we will fight along side Micheal and completely destroy Satans army. So take that Satan. Remember that you have more power that Satan in one pinky because you have that pinky......LOL.

I love you all and hope that everything rocks on the home front :D

Tell Vovo to get better and to start reading to book of mormon with his free time or mom read it to when he is dizzy and has to lie down. Share 2 Nephi 33:10. That right there changes lives.

All is well, Never fear because "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you" That is the words of Christ in John 14:18.

I love you all <3
Elder Jason Glowa

Tell Brigitte I love her and that she is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. Tell her I miss her but that God is with both of us so through him we are always connected, all we have to do is stay faithful. Brig. if you are reading this know that I am safe and will come back to you better then i was before..... i love you so much.

Forever yours
Elder Jason Glowa

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