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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tulare is pretty awesome !

WEEK 63 ..... Tulare , California

Hey Everyone!
So I want to start off with some really big thank you to Auntie Joanie for my awesome new calendar and for grandma's chocolates. Holy cow the chocolates are out of this world .I haven't had time to write them a letter yet but I will next week. So if you guys could tell them thank you for me and that a letter will soon follow that would be great. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me mail or packages I love them a lot and it really means a lot to know that I am loved.
So being in Tulare is pretty awesome, but its weird when I left my last area it felt like I had left home there were a lot of families that I loved a lot, like the Ayers and the Aro's. They made me feel that "little sense of home" that you leave behind as a missionary. I don't really have that here now , but its alright life is great and we are seeing a lot of miracles.
So let me tell you a little about the area. Our area is small and awesome, we cover a quarter of Tulare and 2 other small towns called Pixley and Tipton. We focus a lot on Tulare because we don't have a car so we are going to try and take the bus to other towns. It's going to be a fun adventure. We have 3 investigators preparing for baptism right now and they are going to be baptized at the end of the month. I'm so excited, we have such a good area and the members are really great also. Our bishop and ward mission leader are so great. If we ever need anything we just need to call around and there is almost always someone who can come out with us. The ward is really stepping up to be missionary minded and is doing all they can to start making the steps to be better. I love it here, granted it's not like my last area but I have to love with all my heart and all will be fine.
I got to prune the Vineyard for last two Saturdays.It was awesome because this last Saturday I saw Elder Gracia and my old district there, it was amazing. It was like seeing a long lost friend. I hope that everything is great in my last area from what I hear it is. I'm excited to go back someday and see everyone again.
So I'm really sorry I couldn't email last week I was in a leadership training all week and it ate up  6 hours of my day for 4 days straight. Needless to say I had no time to email because as soon as I got home, I just wanted to work. The meetings started at 10:30 and ended around four. We didn't get home until  5:30-6:00, so yea it was a weird week. We went over teaching and what the church is calling the simplified curriculum. It's things that we apply in our teaching so that we can help our investigators more. It's basically helping them tell us what they feel and what is really going on.
Oh that reminds me Mom we have an investigators named Bertha , you and her have alot in-common . I need you to basically write your conversion story and how your life was before and after your baptism. I need you to pray and write an email to me next week for Bertha.So I can print it out and give it to her. Just follow the spirit because you're really good at that, thank you in advance for this, it's really what she needs right now.
Being a District leader is pretty cool, apart from the meetings. I get to go on exchanges with all the elders in my district so its a lot of  fun. I have to prepare district meetings and teach and train alot. It's not as hard as I thought it would be but it's not the easiest job in the world either.
My companion is like the coolest Elder Ever I am learning alot from him and his humble ways. He is always willing to do what he needs to and always has a level head. He is awesome! I'm grateful for him because he has given me a real reality check on how good my life is. We are the awesome foreign team!
I think that's all for this week. Life is great and the church is true. I know that I bare my testimony all the time but I know that it is amazing. I am grateful to have this chance to be a messenger of God sounding the word of the Lord in every ear. "Until the great Jehovah shall say the work is done" that is my favour line of scripture its in the D&C but I can't remember were so find it, read it and enjoy!
I love you all so much
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
To know anything specific and or anything in particular just send me questions I hope that this was a good email.
The weather is all right. I hear we are going to get a lot of rain soon. So I'mm getting my arc ready and Elder Pipit and I are going to stay in there and camp out with our 2 squirrels, 2 worms and 3 house cats. (It's all we could round up) So hooray for the new world to come! Keep us in your prayers. (hope you found this funny because I did.) :)

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