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Friday, January 7, 2011

First week in Tulare.

Hola Everyone,
Alrightly so here in Tulare we email on Tuesdays so you're going to be getting them later then normal. This week I really don't have to much time because we have to go out and proselyte. So beginning a district leader is pretty fun, it has its ups and downs but what doesn't right. Life here in Tulare is pretty great it's a big change from Reedley because here we get a piece of the city instead of covering 10 different cities. Its good though, I've been able to learn the area fast because it's so small. Its always fun and exciting to leave an area but also painful. I was really sad and so were a lot of the members when I left .I have a lot of people who cried and didn't want me to go and also a lot of people who expect me to come back. Like I said last week ,those feeling were totally mutual. I love the people I served and the members in Reedley.
It was hard to leave but I know I'm were the Lord wants me.

My new companion Elder Pipit is from the Philippines  and so neither of us can drive, its awesome 2 foreigners in action together. He has only been out for 4 weeks so we are learning together. It's kind of like we got doubled into this area because his trainer was a very domineering missionary, so he didn't know to much of the area or our investigators It's all right, we are doing the best we can and are loving every second of it.
The work is great we have 2 people so far who are going to be baptized in January. Rick Martinez and James Hurrera. They are great. Rick is really humble and is looking for the truth and James is a very amazing person, he has mild down syndrome but loves God and really wants to be baptized.
Other then that I really don't have to much else to say. I'll let you know more about the members and my area once I know more about it. So yea, everything going really good though. I'm happy and I know that the spirit is here so I know what I'm doing is right . Even if sometimes I doubt I'm a good missionary or do something wrong if the spirit is with my I'm all right because I have Heavenly Father on my side.
Thank you guys for your love and support.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa.
Sorry this one is so short, please forgive me I'll do better next week I promise.

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