Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jason's first email dated October 19th

HEY, Hola!!!!

How are you guys???? I only get 30 minutes to write every week so sadly I won't be able to write to anyone except you guys and Ben. So tell everyone that I LOVED the letters and thank them for there suport it really helped me in the first days of the MTC.
I LOVE IT HERE!!! My district is amazing and I'm learning and growing so much :). So I'm here and I'm safe and its such a blessing to be here. Thank you mom and dad so much for being with me every step of my life so that I was able to be here. I'm teaching with the spirit even now in the MTC and its so much fun. I have developed a love for personal study and the spirit, they are so amazing I feel it everyday the spirit is so strong during our firesides . I joined choir.... dada you were right we are singing "Jesus once of Humble Birth "and there is such a spirit and truth in that song. I LOVE MY MISSION!!!! I have the coolest companion his name is Elder Kirk and he is funny and really spiritual , in teaching and compainon study we compelment each other so well .I know that our companionship was forordained of God because we each have something to teach each other.
I was reading D&C 88 fouces on verse 64 and link that to D&C 75:10-11. These scriptres have such power I have a million scriptures and thoughts I want to share with you guys but I'm running low on time because there a timer and I had to register so you guy can e-mail me but it would be better to go through "dear elder" tell everyone to do that because I have only 30 mins to read and reply so only you and Ben can write me here tell everyone to use "dear elder"!!! Oh and I love getting mail , so tell EVERYONE TO MAIL because I have a Utah comp. and he gets mail like eveyday. Ummm oh tell Brigitte I sent here a letter today by mail and to either write back through post or dear elder. Tell Uncle Mike (Utah Mike) That the cookies were awsome and to please send more. The MTC food good but heavy on the system. I'm only gonna have time to send my love.
So tell everyone I say HOLA and THANK YOU and that I'll be thinking about them.

I Love you guys so much and thank you for everything!!!

sincerly Elder Jason Glowa

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